Monday, August 31, 2009

Daily Obits

For about a year I have been receiving the obits from our local newspaper the Spokesman Review via RSS feed, and so every morning when I opened Google Reader I would have the obits from the Spokesman Review (note the Spokesman Review charged an extra dollar to put an obit online so a few did not show up in my RSS feed). Saturday the 29th the RSS feed quit, so Sunday I went to the newspaper website to see what had happened. Obits are not on the newspaper website any more, they are now Powered by While you can search for a recent obit for free they do not offer a RSS feed, but will send you obits to your E-Mail for a FEE. They have a few options one for $199.99 a year to search all the newspapers and send E-Mail for the FIVE keywords you pick (You can change them when ever you want). Second option same keywords but just one newspaper $14.99 a year. Third package is Genealogy Package for 19.99 a year and they search for five surnames in all their newspapers. All three packages have a FREE 30 day trial.

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