Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Wordless Wednesday Leaning on Tree

Another photo from my grand aunt Latisha Vanderpool's photo album.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Saturday Night Fun Where I've Been Map

For this week's mission (should you decide to accept it), I challenge you to:

1)  What states in the USA and what provinces in Canada have you visited or lived in?  

2)  Either list, or make a map of them (at the http://www.defocus.net/visitedstates/us-canada.html website) and indicate the following:

 red for states/provinces where you've not spent much time or seen very much.
*  amber for states/provinces  where you've at least slept and seen some sights.
 blue for states/provinces  you've spent a lot of time in or seen a fair amount of.
*  green for states/provinces  you've spent a great deal of time in on multiple visits.

3)  Tell us, or show us, your "Where I've been" map, and any other map that you created having fun tonight.  Put them in your own blog post, on Facebook or Google+, and leave a comment on this blog post so that we all see them.

Here is my map.


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wordless Wednesday Sunny Day

Another photo from my grand aunt Latisha Vanderpool's photo album.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Saturday Night Fun Where were Ancestors May 16, 1865?

1)  Determine where your ancestral families were on 16 May 1865 - 150 years ago.

2)  List your ancestors, their family members, their birth and death years, and their residence location (as close as possible).  Do you have a photograph of their residence from about that time, and does the residence still exist?

  1. Mikkel MADSEN 1807-1888 his wife Kristen HANSDATTER 1804-1880 and son Hans Kristin MIKKELSEN 1837-1892 were all in Humble parish, Svendborg County, Denmark  (Notice the Mikkel in these names, this is where I got my blog name)
  2. Jorgen PETERSEN 1791- and his wife Johanne Margarete JENSDATTER 1803- and daughter Karen JORGENSEN 1840-1891 (wife of Hans above) were all in Tullebolle parish, Svendborg County, Denmark
  3. Enos DILLINGHAM 1804-1876 and son Stanislaus Potoski DILLINGHAM 1835-1919 were in Dixfield, Maine
  4. Richard HELLENBOLT 1815-  and his wife  Rhoda PPRESTON 1816-  and daughter Eliza Minerva HELLENBOLT 1845-1933 were in Wisconsin
  5. Thomas D. KELLY 1827-1896 and his wife Margaret Josephine FORSYTH 1833-1905 and son Robert Forsyth KELLY 1855-1934 were at Ursa, Adams County, Illinois
  6. Joseph HERT 1830- and his wife Sadie Jane SELSOR 1832-1913 were in Indiana
  7. Daniel Columbus TRAVIS 1833-1905 and his wife Mary Elizabeth TRAVIS 1833-1927 were at Lawrence County, Illinois
  8. Joseph VANDERPOOL 1831-1929 and his wife Margaret LOE 1837-1901 were in Ray County Missouri
I do have a photo of the house Thomas Kelly and his wife Margaret lived in after the Civil War. Margaret the 5th child and third daughter inherited that house that her father Robert Forsyth built after her parents died. Very interesting probate file, since the older siblings contested the will. The house was torn down years ago, but they did use some of the beams in the new house which is still standing.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Wordless Wednesday Melting Snow

Another photo from my grand aunt Latisha Vanderpool's photo album.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Wordless Wednesday Sledding

Another photo from my grand aunt Latisha Vanderpool's photo album.


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