Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Night Fun Find A Grave

Hey genea-searchers, it's SATURDAY NIGHT ... time for more GENEALOGY FUN!!!

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to:

1) Go to the Find-a-Grave website ( and search for ancestors that you don't know the burial location of. How far back in time did you have to go to find this person? Hint #1 - use your ancestor list to help you. Hint #2 - don't forget to use the last surname for females!

2) If you think that Find-a-Grave will not have your persons of interest, then check another burial index that might help you.

3) Tell us about your search - who did you look for, and who was the first ancestor that you found that you did not have a burial location for previously? Write your own blog post, or make a comment on this post.

Well I missed last weeks Saturday Night Fun so this one seemed to be easy. I started with my Dillinghams:
Enos Dillingham died 12 June 1876 in Dixfield, Oxford, Maine
His wife Clarissa Virgin Dillingham died 25 May 1853 (I think Dixfield also)
Melatiah Dillingham died 9 March 1833 in Dixfield
His wife Elizabeth Chandler Dillingham died 19 Aug 1852
Melatiah and his wife Elizabeth were in Find a Grave at Eustis Cemetery in Dixfield. I kind of figured they might be as Elizabeth is a descendant of three Mayflower people.
I also looked for Enos Chandler father of Elizabeth above and he died 25 May 1785, and he was a lieutenant in the Revolution.
His wife Elizabeth Soule Chandler died 18 Apr 1834, but neither of these two are on Find A Grave

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