Saturday, October 22, 2011

2011 Hayden Lake Family History Seminar

Saturday October 22, 2011 was the 2011 Hayden Lake Family History Seminar at the Hayden Lake LDS Church on W. Hanley in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. This was the first time I have made it to this seminar, seems like I was always pretty busy outside in the garden when they scheduled this seminar, but this year it was raining on the scheduled day, so being in a nice warm and dry building was a plus.
I went to the first session on RootsMagic by Margie Stein Beldin an EWGS member and that class was packed, only problem with that class was it ended way too soon. Margie is an excellent speaker.
The next session I went to was Finding your Ancestors in Historical Newspapers by Miriam Robbins another EWGS member.. Miriam has been working on a website of Online Historical Newspapers for quite a while so she is an expert on online newspapers.
Next was lunch and a free one at that, a long row of crockpots filled with soups of every description, fresh baked rolls and salads.
After lunch was a session on the Family Search Wiki by Connie L. Godak (the seminar chairman). That room was pretty full also and she gave a lot of information on what you can find on the Family Search Wiki, and an offer to submit something to the wiki.
The next session was Scotology: Scottish History & Ancestry by Sandy Doutre. Sandy is a real expert on Scotland and Scottish research, so another good session.
The last session was a webinar by Lisa Louise Cooke on the Ultimate Google Search Strategies. Interesting seminar I have never been to a webinar before.
When the seminar was done we left the building into the bright sun, I thought the rain was over, but we had several more thunder and rain storms starting about dark.

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