Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saturday Night Fun Genealympics 2

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to COMPETE in the 2012 SNGF Genealympics. Your effort can extend until Sunday, 12 August. 

For these 2012 SNGF Genealympics, the motto is "Research, Cite, Analyze, Resolve, Conclude!" 

Competitors can:

1)  Perform one or more of the challenges outlined in Announcing the Summer 2008 Genea-Blogger Group Games!  Same medal levels.

2)  Perform one or more challenges outlined below (created by me on the spur of the moment here!):

a)  See last week's post - Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - the SNGF  - Genealympics I - compete in any or all of the events described.  

b)  The Source Citation Vault:  What is your ratio of source citations to persons in your genealogy software or online tree database?  Tell us:

*  How many persons are in your database?

*  How many source citations are in your database?
*  Determine your source citation to persons ratio by dividing source citations by persons (e.g., 2,000 source citations divided by 3,000 persons gives a ratio of 0.667.)

Medal Awards:
*   Bronze:  Ratio of 0.333 or more
*  Silver:  Ratio of 0.667 or more
*  Gold: Ratio of 1.000 or more
*  Diamond:  Ratio of 1.333 or more
*  Platinum:  Ratio of 1.667 or more

c)  The Genea-Blog Reader's Marathon:  How many Genea-blogs do you read on a daily basis?  Count them in your Reader or your Favorites/Bookmark list.

Medal Awards:

*   Bronze:  at least 50 genea-blogs
*  Silver:  at least 100 genea-blogs
*  Gold: at least 200 genea-blogs
*  Diamond:  at least 400 genea-blogs
*  Platinum:  at least 800 genea-blogs

d)  The Genea-Conference Race:  How many multi-day genealogy conferences have you attended over the past five years?  These can be local, regional or national conferences, or even cruises!

Medal Awards:

*   Bronze:  at least 2 conferences
*  Silver:  at least 4 conferences
*  Gold: at least 8 conferences
*  Diamond:  at least 16 conferences
*  Platinum:  at least 32 conferences

NOTE:  This is supposed to be a fun competition, and is based on your word and honor.  No drug tests, no judges.  The intent is to inspire you to do more research, cite more sources, analyze more data, etc.  Bonus points awarded for excellence in humor and style!

3)  Whatever you choose to compete in, please tell us about it in your own blog posts, in Facebook Status posts, in Google+ Stream posts, or as a comment to this post.  You don't have to post your status or accomplishments on a Saturday Night!  Any time is fine! You have until Sunday, 12 August to compete and achieve your medal levels.

b. Well my sources are on the last 1665 of 2065 for .80 or a Silver Medal
c.  I read 306 blogs according to Google Reader, but 77 are not genealogy blogs, so 229 Genealogy blogs a Gold
d. I have went to 5 multi day conferences in the last 5 years so another Silver 

So total two Platinum, two silver and one Gold

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