Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday Night Fun Type of Genealogist

Here is your assignment if you choose to play along (cue the Mission Impossible music, please!): 

1)  Read Lorine McGinnis Schulze's blog post What Type of Genealogist Are You? (25 August 2012).

2)  Answer the questions, and write about them!!

My thanks to Lorine for her blog post as instigation for this SNGF.

Well here is the definition of the type of genealogist I am primarily. The Hunter or Detective: This genealogists loves the research. While they want to find their own ancestors, they'll research anyone's ancestry just for the thrill of the hunt. They are easily sidetracked from their own ancestral research by the challenge of solving a stranger's brick wall.
I volunteered to be the research person for our local genealogical society because I like doing research and have continued doing that for 14 years now.

I am also an Ancestor Finder for my own research - but slowly as I am always pretty busy researching for others.

I am not really a Gatherer and Ancestor Collector do not do collateral lines unless I have hit a brick wall and need to.

I am NOT a Scholar type in terms of source citations, but I do put sources in my database

I am not a Hoarder or Junkyard Collector

The Analyzer: This genealogist finds a new fact, then studies it and analyzes it carefully before moving on to the next bit of research. They use each fact as a stepping stone to more research. They verify every piece of information they find and they view it critically, thinking about what it actually means and what other clues might be gleaned from it. I do analyze what I find before moving on.
I am NOT a Planner, I have never done a research log that would probably helped me, but have tried to concentrate on one or two people to research.

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