Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday Night Fun Ancestral Gravestones

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to:

1)  Determine what is your longest unbroken line of ancestral gravestones - how many generations can you go back in time?  Do you have photographs of them?

2)  Tell us and/or show us in a blog post of your own, or in a comment to this blog, or in a Facebook status or a Google+ stream post.

Well I have not collected a lot of tombstone pictures, but this one of Thomas and his wife Margaret (Forsyth) Kelly are the longest unbroken line of ancestral gravestones. Robert Forsyth Kelly below was one of their sons.

 This one for Robert Forsyth Kelly and his wife Vada Belle (Hert) Kelly. They are the parents of my grandfather Charles Rupert Kelly. The son Robert Lester Kelly was my grandfathers only sibling, so he was almost an only child. I do have pictures of my parents and grandparents, both buried in Fairmount Cemetery here in Spokane, so that is my longest unbroken line. My Sister and I bought this gravestone as Robert Forsyth Kelly did not have one. We also bought the one for his parents Thomas and Margaret (Forsyth) Kelly.

This is a picture of the church in Cottesbach, England where my Reverend Henry Dillingham is buried about 1600, probably my oldest burial site.

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