Sunday, March 17, 2013

Saturday Night Fun Dinner with a Female Ancestor

Here is your assignment if you choose to play along (cue the Mission Impossible music, please!): 

1)  Read Lisa Alzo's blog post Back for a Fourth Year: Fearless Females: 31 Blogging Prompts to Celebrate Women's History Month on her blogThe Accidental Genealogist.

2)  Answer the writing prompt for 16 March:  
If you could have lunch with any female family member (living or dead), or any famous female, who would it be and why? Where would you go? What would you eat?

1) Well there are several of my women ancestors I would like to have lunch with, but since I have to pick one I will pick Nancy Campbell.

2)  Nancy was born in North Carolina 18 Sep 1796 and she later married John "Jackie" Vanderpool and they had five kids. Both John and Nancy have been a brick wall of mine for quite a while. The Vanderpool researchers says John's father is Anthony Vanderpool, but the only reason is he fits there. I would like to know who her parents are and also John's parents.

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