Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun Nightmare

This SNGF is based on the question:  "What is your genealogy 'nightmare?'"  Have you had a "bad" genealogy dream?  Or have a worst genealogical "fear?"  Or have you had a terrible experience concerning your genealogy research?  

Well a genealogy nightmare does not sound like fun, but years ago I had a terrible experience. I had found a Mayflower ancestor and joined the group associated with that ancestor. They were asking for a GEDCOM  of all the descendants of this ancestor, so I sent my GEDCOM. A few weeks later that same GEDCOM appeared on multiple websites including all my living cousins, I E-Mailed the group to see what had happened and one well meaning volunteer had put these GEDCOMs on a website and several people copied the data, but not the information on who submitted the data. I went to a few of the websites and asked that the remove the living people, and got chewed out royally since they all said they had got this information from public domain sites and I did not have any right to ask to have any of the information removed. So I asked them to tell me what the special codes in the notes were, and not a single one could come up with what those codes meant. You see the key to those codes was sitting on MY hard drive since I had written them I told them none of the information I had written was public domain. Nothing happened, I have not checked lately, but I assume that they are still there with my codes still intact.

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