Wednesday, August 20, 2014

WSGS 2014 Conference Arlington, Washington Day 1 and 2

My sister Jacque Lane and I left for Arlington on the afternoon of August 12, 2014. We wanted to see our cousin Clara Watson in her assisted living home at Wenatchee, Washington. It was very hot when we got there and did not cool off much that night, but it did rain some.
We had decided to go over the North Cascade Pass, and Eric had assured us it would be open by then. When I signed up the pass was still closed for the winter. As the time drew close to head that way a lot of fires had crossed that area and many houses and a lot of grass, brush and trees had burnt.

There was still green areas, orchards had not caught fire, but a few were singed along the edges.

It was great to see so many houses had survived, and I bet it was due to the wonderful firefighters.

Don't think I ever heard of the town of Silver, Washington.

There was a mud slide that had closed a section of the road (remember the rain at Wenatchee) and they detoured us on a one lane road. Then as we started up the pass it started to rain and was cloudy so no pictures. Glad I had fixed the windshield wipers on the mini. They had stopped working on our last trip to the coast and it took a while to get the plastic grommets that had died after 37 years of age. We stayed at a campground on the west side of the pass and it had stopped raining by then and had cooled down a lot from the heat at Wenatchee. Here is a picture of a snow capped mountain on the way down from the campground.

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