Sunday, April 5, 2015

Saturday Night Fun Early Memories

For this week's mission (should you decide to accept it), I challenge you to:

1)  Geneablogger Alona Tester has devised a new meme called the "When I Was Young" genea-meme on her blog, LoneTester HQ.

2)  Since the genea-meme is 25 questions, let's do them five at a time.  This week, answer questions 1 to 5.

3)  Share your answers on your own blog post, in a comment on this blog post,

Here's mine:

1)  Do you (or your parents) have any memorabilia from when you were a baby? (ie. baby book, lock of hair, first shoes etc.)

I have not found any memorabilia, except for lots of photographs, from my years as a baby.  I have some pictures my grandparents took and several my mom took.

2)  Do you know if you were named after anyone?

I was named after both my grandparents Charles Rupert Kelly and Anton Michael Hansen (This is the American version of Mikkel
which goes back three generations in Denmark, Hans Mikkelsen, and Mikkel Madsen, and where the name of this blog comes from.)

3)  And do you know of any other names your parents might have named you?


4)  What is your earliest memory?

I remember being sick a lot before I went to school, my sister got all the communicable diseases at school and brought them home. When I went to first grade I never missed a day, and that did not end till I got in Junior High.

5)  Did your parent/s (or older siblings) read, sing or tell stories to you? Do you remember any of these?

I know my mom read to both me and my sister, but neither parent was a good singer so we sang at church and school, but seldom at home,

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  1. Thanks for taking part in my geneameme Charles. It's a nice way to get those memories that we keep menting to write down, actually recorded. While you may not have much baby memorabilia, at least you have some photos,they're always precious. ;-)



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