Saturday, November 7, 2009

Name Profiler for Saturday Nigh Fun

Well I went to the World Names Profiler and typed in my surname Hansen, and it was no big surprise Denmark led the world in Hansen's, followed by Norway, Sweden, and then a couple of surprises for me, New Zealand and Australia and next the USA, Germany, Canada, Belgium and the Netherlands.
I clicked on North America and most of the map was in light green, so just below average for most of North America including Canada. The northern tier states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Idaho and Washington are in light blue so just a little more Hansen's there. Also the Northern Territories of Canada in the light blue.

Now that I have done that I will say I am NOT related to about 98 or 99% of those Hansen's, so those types of maps mean very little to me. Why? My grandfather and his 7 brothers and two sisters were the first Hansen's in our families. They were all children of Hans Mikkelsen, and he was the son of Mikkel Madsen and so on back each generation. So now my name distribution. Five Hansen brothers came to Minnesota from Denmark and four never left the state except for vacations, number 5 my grandfather moved to Montana and eventually to Idaho. I think one sister moved to Iowa, and the two surviving children in Denmark stayed there. Two died young and no issue. So today most of the children of the five brothers still live in Minnesota or close by states of Wisconsin and North and South Dakota or Nebraska. Out west several in Washington, some in Montana and Colorado, and quite a few in California and Florida.

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