Sunday, November 15, 2009

What The Carnival of Genealogy Means to Me

The 84th Carnival of Genealogy subject is the title above, and Jasia has some questions for us to answer:

Q: What was your favorite topic to write about?
A: How I spend My Summer Vacation

Q: Have you guest hosted the COG?
A: Nope...

Q: Is there an article you've read in the COG that stands out in your mind?
A: None that I can think of now, I started reading the COG in 2009 so I have a lot to read yet.

Q: What have you learned from reading or writing for the COG?
A: I started online on Prodigy in 1991 and read articles each day from very experienced genealogists, and the COG is very similar. I still am not a good writer, guess I should have paid more attention in English classes in school.

Q: Have you ever recommended the COG to anyone?
A: Yes I wrote an article on the COG for the monthly Branching Out Newsletter I have been writing.

Q: If you haven't participated in the COG thus far, why not?
A: Well this will be the 10th COG article I have submitted since I started my blog.

Q: How has the COG helped your family history research?
A: Gives me a chance to practice writing.

Q: Has it impacted your life in any way?
A: I have received some interesting comments, but so far not much impact.

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