Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fearless Females How did they meet?

I asked my parents several times over the years how they met, and they would just smile and change the subject. My moms parents both went to the same high school in Treton, Missouri so I guess the met there. My dad was born in Minnesota, moved to Montana at age 4 and grew up there, moved to north Idaho and finally into Spokane in the late 1930s. My mom was born in Trenton Missouri and moved to Spokane at age 6. By the late 1930s both my mom and dad were working in the Hillyard neighborhood of Spokane, mom worked making milkshakes, ice cream cones etc at the local confectionary, then later worked as a bookkeeper for a local auto dealer. My dad was a mechanic for that same auto dealer, but they knew each other before working there. I knew my dad liked milkshakes, so maybe at the ice cream counter??

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