Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fearless Females Mom's Best Friend

I have been rather busy at work so I have not done may of these posts, but I had to do this one. Mom had many friends, but probably the best one was Minnie Ruud. Minnie and her husband Clarence Ruud lived across the alley from us for many years. While Minnie had worked some after she was married, she mainly was a stay at home mom. They had one son Lane and after he left for school, the army and his teaching career, Minnie stayed home. My mom had an office in our home and did bookkeeping there and later income taxes, so when she got busy she asked Minnie to help, and Minnie came over and helped do income taxes for several years. When Clarence started having health problems, mom took Minnie out in our car and taught her how to drive as she had never learned. Minnie was shaking like a leaf when she took the drivers test, but passed and started driving quite a lot. Clarence's health got worse so they moved to Seattle to be close to Lane, and after a few years Clarence passed away. Lane kept an eye on Minnie and took her on a lot of trips, and mom kept in touch through letters and Christmas cards.

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