Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ancestor Approved Award

I was rather surprised that Greta gave me this award. I have not been blogging much lately since the long hours of work have kept me away from my blog. I do like to read all the other blogs in my Google reader each day.
Those who receive this award are supposed to list 10 things we have learned about our ancestors that have surprised, humbled or enlightened us and then pass the award on to 10 other genealogy bloggers who we feel are doing their ancestors proud.

1. I was really surprised I had so many ancestors from New England

2. Surprised that an ancestor owned Cape Cod

3. Surprised to find several ministers in the family since our family have not been very religious.

4. Surprised with so many ancestors that came to this country early, that I have not found an ancestor that was a Civil War veteran.

5. I have always been enlightened by those that know so much more than I do about researching ancestors.

6. Also enlightened by those that are so much more technology savoy than I am

7. Humbled by those that have gone ahead and helped or gathered data for all of us to use today.

8. Humbled by those that think I know everything about researching.

9. Humbled by those that left me so many records of my family.

10. Surprised by so many followers here.

Now it looks like most of the blogs I read have already gotten this award, so I will just pick a few

Diane at Canada Genealogy or Jane's Your Aunt

Dr. Bill at Dr. Bill Tells Ancestor Stories

Jenna at Desperately Seeking Surnames

Evelyn at A Canadian Family

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  1. Oh, don't be surprised! We all need to have a little "down time" from our blogs, and I enjoy yours (the blog, that is, not the down time!).



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