Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday Night Fun Revolutionary War Ancestor

Your mission, should you decide to accept it (come on, this isn't Mission Impossible), is to:

1) Find an ancestral line that stretches back to the time of the US Revolutionary War (1775-1783), about 230 years. Define your person-to-person connection (the person actually met the next person on the list) back to a historical figure from that time.

1. I knew my grandfather Charles Rupert Kelly (was named after him also)

2. Charles Kelly knew his father Robert Forsyth Kelly

3. Robert Kelly Knew his parents Thomas D. Kelly and Margaret Josephine Forsyth.

4. Margaret Forsyth knew her parents Mary Williams and Robert J. Forsyth (Robert was a War of 1812 veteran that served under William Henry Harrison a future President)

5. Mary Wiliams knew her dad Daniel Williams and mom Mary Jackson. (Mary was supposed to be a cousin of Andrew Jackson, but I have not proved that yet). Daniel Williams was a Captain in General Greens Southern Army in The Revolution, he also migrated to Kentucky with Daniel Boone after the war.

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