Sunday, August 15, 2010

Festival of Postcards Locomotion

Well for a person whose grandfather worked for the railroad here in Spokane, I was looking for a postcard with a locomotive on it preferably a big steam engine, but this is as close as I could get, a couple of boxcars on a dock at St. Petersburg, Florida in 1910. I found several postcards with buggies, and even a Thanksgiving card with two turkeys pulling a cart with two kids in the cart, but no locomotives.
Card says: On the A.C.L. Dock, St. Petersburg, Fla.

The back of this card says:
St. Potersburg Fla Mar. 2, 10 (1910)
Dear Claude
This is where we go fishing. They are catching lots of Mackrel out there now. Bert has gone fishing this forenoon. fish are very plenty here now.
With love Jennie.
Postmark St. Petersburg, Fla Mar 3, 1910. My dad was not quite 4 years old when he got this postcard, and soon his family would load up a boxcar with all their possessions and head for Columbus, Montana where my dad grew up.

Northern Pacific Depot, Billings, Mont. Columbus, Montana was on the NP tracks also, and later my grandfather ran the grain elevator that loaded grain into boxcars for shipping.

Back of this card says:
Say Claude
You will have to send to Montgomery for your wagon can't get one here.
No date or postmark, but it was addressed to Columbus, Montana, so after 1910 when they moved to Columbus.

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