Sunday, June 12, 2011

Saturday Night Fun Two Truths and a Lie Cont.

Last night for Saturday night Fun I posted these three items:

My grandfather Anton Hansen was born in Humble Parish in Denmark

Humble Parish is located in the southern part of Laangeland Island in Svendborg county, and the Family History Library in Salt Lake has film of the Humble parish records back to 1692 and I have checked them back that far.

My great, great grandmother Margaret Josephine Forsyth was the fifth child and second daughter and she inherited the farm near Ursa in Illinois.

I have the will from her father leaving her the farm he bought from a War of 1812 bounty land not used by the soldier that received it.

Margaret Forsyth married Thomas Kelly born 1825 in Kentucky, a Civil War Veteran

This is the lie, Thomas and his wife Margaret and the five kids packed up in 1862 on a wagon train to California, settled there till in 1865 when they went down to Sacramento caught a ship to Panama, crossed the isthmus, caught another ship to New York and then back to the farm near Ursa in Illinois, so Thomas never served in the Civil War. I have the bible that tells of this trip and was there for the whole trip.

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