Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Seasons of Genealogy for the COG # 107

Well as a practicing accountant I have two seasons: Tax Season and the rest of the year. So which season do I do most of my research? Actually I do a little research almost every week even during tax season. I have to get away from the office and a quiet library is a good place to unwind. So what do I research each week? I actually volunteer for Eastern Washington Genealogical Society doing research for them since the previous researcher retired in 1998, and about 2004 the county auditor contacted EWGS looking for a genealogist to help them with research and I did that a lot till a couple of years ago. I still go there a few of times a year, but early on I was in the courthouse almost every week. Why so much less now? The Washington State Digital Archives has most of the records I looked for at the courthouse online now, notice I said most, they missed a few and are still working on probates, divorces, and other civil cases. These were filmed in order of filing and so the films contain a few sealed cases that need to be purged before the rest can go online. So that is the research I do for EWGS, how about my own research?
Actually I have not done a lot of research on my own ancestors in several years, but I do keep my eyes open for new sources to check all the time. My own research is always done in the non tax season, because after a lot of 14-16 hour days at work I do not have time or energy left to do more research. I have checked out Steve Morse's site to look for the Enumeration Districts for 1940. I inherited the house my mom and her parents were living in in 1940 so I know that address, and my dad was living close by in a boarding house. His parents were still on the farm in north Idaho, so they will be easy to find also. Pop had a sister on a farm in Montana, a brother on a farm in Washington and a sister in Coronado, California (her husband was a naval officer stationed at San Diego).

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  1. I had to giggle when I read your two seasons. Thoughtful post. Have you check out lately? If you check on search all records collections you can see the newest additions.



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