Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday Night Fun Genealogy Luck

It's Saturday Night - time for our weekly Genealogy Fun!

1) When have you had a dose of good genealogy luck? What document or resource did you find just by happenstance or chance? By being in the right place at the right time? By finding a family history treasure in your family's attic or basement? By finding a helpful document or reference without even looking for it?

As the research person for Eastern Washington Genealogical Society I spend a lot of time in the newspaper microfilm at the library looking up obits, and while most of the time I have to stop the microfilm several times to see how close to the date I am looking for. So one day when I stopped to check to see how close to the date I was looking for at the top of that page was a headline "Ella Murphy to Wed". Ella Murphy was a neighbor of my mom during high school and my moms Maid of Honor at mom and pops wedding. She married Pete Peterson and he was pops best man at mom and pops wedding.
Just below the wedding announcement was a small article "Casey's has Employees to Liberty Lake Cabin". My mom worked for Casey's department store for a while and in the list of employees that had went to the luncheon was my mom Margaret Kelly and her mom Cleo Kelly and a huge surprise to me my dad Claude Hansen. My mom had died before I found this article, but my pop was still alive so I showed it to him and he said he did not even remember going there. This was several years before they got married. Casey's was close to where my dad worked in Hillyard so I guess they met in Hillyard somewhere, I asked both of them how they met and they would just smile and change the subject.

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