Saturday, September 24, 2011

WSGS 2011 Building Ancestral Bridges Days 3-6

After we left the conference we headed along the Columbia River to the coast and eventually Ocean Shores, Washington, I took this picture as I was driving along the Columbia River. Don't see any barges in Spokane.

We had checked an there were several state parks along the Columbia, but all were full due to another conference at a winery, and so we were getting pretty tired when we stopped at a Rest Stop. I was worried we would be close to the Burlington Northern Railroad tracks and so I checked with a flashlight and could not see any tracks close to us. This was the sunrise the next morning, and if you look closely you can see several fishing boats fishing for steel head and salmon.

As I was looking over the area after sunrise I found we had stopped on top of a tunnel where the railroad went right under the rest stop. Here is a picture looking east and the next one is looking west.

This one is looking west on the Columbia River.

The path at the rest stop swung around and went by this very big dead tree, says I'm about 300 years old.

When we go to Ocean Shores we alway like to go down to the jetty, and I was sitting on a rock about 3 feet high when this big wave came in and splashed me pretty good.

On the other side of the jetty the waves were even larger, this one was just about to hit the jetty and the spray would go up 15 or 20 feet in the air.

As I was watching the waves crash against the jetty a fishing boat was heading into Grays Harbor. The swells were so big it would go clear out of sight and then come up on top of the wave and look like a surfer heading for shore.

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