Thursday, April 5, 2012

52 Weeks of Abundant Genealogy State Genealogical Societies

Week #14 – State and National Societies

Week 14. State and National Societies: Last week we paid tribute to local genealogical and historical societies. This week we’re going to think bigger. For which state, provincial or national society are you most thankful? What makes this society special? How do the publications and events of this group assist in your family history research?

I guess I am a little prejudice since I am a committee chairman for the Washington State Genealogical Society, so that is the one I am most thankful for.
WSGS Has a wonderful newsletter and a great editor Bonnie MacDonald.
WSGS has resource guides for researching in most of the counties, guess I need to finish the last county not in the Resource Guides.
WSGS indexed the 1910 census and it is available on the WSGS website.
WSGS has Centennial Certificates for pioneers in Washington before statehood November 11, 1889, and First Citizen certificates for those in Washington before December 31, 1900. WSGS also has a list of all those pioneers.
Besides indexing the 1910 census many members have helped the Washington State Digital Archives and help put over 30 million records online in the worlds first digital archives.
The WSGS website also has links to the genealogical libraries in the state, and the various regional state archives.
How has it helped my research? I use the Digital Archive almost every week, so i am really thankful for the resources online there, and thank WSGS for so much help with that archive.

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