Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday Night Fun Wordle Fun

Hey genea-addicts - it's SATURDAY NIGHT, time to kick back and have some GENEALOGY FUN!

Yes, I want you to X out of your Ancestry Member Tree, shut down your genealogy management program, tell your Facebook friends you're going to take a 30 minute break, step away from Evidence! Explained, and go on your weekly SNGF mission. It should take less than 30 minutes of your time.

Here is your mission, if you decide to accept it (shouldn't this be mandatory for all Genea-Musings readers every Saturday night?):

1) Find something that you have written (letter, report, book, website, blog post, etc.) and copy all or part of it (you know, do an Edit > Copy or a Ctrl-C on it). If it's a website with an RSS feed, then just copy the URL in the browser address bar.

2) go to and put the copied text into the text box at or URL at the site. Be creative - select a Font, a Layout, and a color scheme.

3) Capture the image by doing a screen capture, or by doing an image snip.

4) Show us your Wordle creation on your own blog, on a Facebook status, or on a Google Plus stream post.

5) What use to do see for a Wordle cloud that you created?

Ok This is a Wordle of the Spokane County Resource Page from the Washington State Genealogical Society website.

This is the Whitman County Resource guide Wordle from the WSGS website.
Well people can see the genealogical resources available for Spokane and Whitman couties.

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