Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lilac Festival 1966

Today starts the 2012 Lilac Festival, and I found a bunch of old slides and these three below are from the 1966 Lilac Parade. The Lilac Festival actually had three parades in 1966, but today only two. The first day was and is the Junior Lilac Parade, the junior high schools all marched in that parade, I did twice I think, have not found any pictures of that yet. Mom had a movie camera then, so I bet it is on one of the 8mm films I have. One year after the parade we were given tickets to Nat Park a amusement park on the west side of Spokane near the river. They gave us several tickets for rides and a ticket for a hot dog and soda. So after the parade was over the bus dropped us at Nat Park, and they took our instruments back to Shaw Junior High School. We had a good time, but then when we got done with the tickets and the hot dog a couple of us decided to head for home. The bus ran pretty close, but since I had the band uniform I had forgot to put any money in my pocket, so I started to walk, but it was about 5 or 6 miles home from Nat Park. We finally came to a bus stop and my friend loaned me a dime and so we took the bus home.
Here is the Piretts along with the banner for John Rogers High School.
Here is the John Rogers marching band.
Here I am in my band uniform, they were wool and very hot on a warm day, but nice and warm when we played for a football game.

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