Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday Night Fun d'Aboville numbers

1) Do you know what a d'Aboville numbering system is? A clear description of it is in the Encyclopedia of Genealogy here, and on Wikipedia here. Pretty neat numbering system, isn't it?
2) What are your own d'Aboville numbers for your four lines of your grandparents (starting with the first known person in each grandparent's paternal line)? Your genealogy software program may be able to help you with this (Family Tree Maker 2012, RootsMagic 5 and Legacy Family Tree 7.5 can, but Family Tree Maker 16 and earlier cannot).
 3) Tell us your own d'Aboville numbers for your four grandparent paternal lines in your own blog post, in a comment to this post, in a status line, note or comment on Facebook, or in a Google+ Plus Stream post.
 4) for extra credit, tell us how you figured out your d'Aboville numbers - which program, and the process.

Well my gene program does not do d'Arboville numbers, so I guess I will pass on figuring them out for my ancestors. I did look them up and have an example of them:
 1 Progenitor
     1.1 Child
        1.1.1 Grandchild
      1.1.2 Grandchild
    1.2 Child
      1.2.1 Grandchild Great-grandchild Great-grandchild
      1.2.2 Grandchild Great-grandchild
      1.2.3 Grandchild
      1.2.4 Grandchild
      1.2.5 Grandchild
      1.2.6 Grandchild
      1.2.7 Grandchild
      1.2.8 Grandchild
      1.2.9 Grandchild
      1.2.10 Grandchild

I am just glad that I do not have to use that numbering system, but I have read books that used that system so it is good to know how it works.

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