Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday Night Fun Fathers Day

1)  Sunday, 16 June, is Father's Day.  Let's celebrate by writing a blog post about our Father, or another significant male ancestor (e.g., a grandfather).

2)  What are three things about your father (or significant male ancestor) that you vividly remember about him?

This was on his 95th birthday, and he had 6 more and was close to number 7 when he died.

  1. Pop could fix almost everything, he worked as a mechanic starting in the 1930s, during the war he ran the motor pool for a service squadron that serviced B17s and B24s.
  2. He was good at building things, from our lake cabin to a riding lawn-mower-snow blower.
  3. He was always reading, newspapers, books, magazines, etc 

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