Friday, January 1, 2010

Follow Friday Washington State Library blog

As a pretty new genealogy blogger I have been slowly working my way into the daily blogging schedule posted on geneabloggers. This is my first Follow Friday post. The blog I am following is the Washington State Library blog and I hope this years budget cuts do not mortally wound the library. See their post here on support for your local library. This pertains to every local library in the world.

Here is my answers for a few of the steps.

Step 2 Get a Library Card and Step 5 Volunteer at the Library
In 1993 I started volunteering at the library as a gene-helper (second Thursday each month), we were required to get a library card to volunteer. In 1998 I switched from being a gene-helper to doing research for others for the Eastern Washington Genealogical Society, and I continue that to today.

Step 7 Join the Library Board of Trustees
When I started doing research for others I really liked coming on Monday nights because the library was nearly deserted and so I could do a lot of research with few distractions, and not have to wait at the microfilm readers for others. A few years after I started the library budget was cut about 10% and so the library cut hours and closed on Mondays. I went to the Library board meeting to protest closing Mondays and it was clear the board did not want to close the library on Mondays or shorten the hours, but economics won out. After that I tried to go to all the library board meetings. When the last opening on the board was announced I put in an application for that seat, but was not selected by the mayor. I still am a regular at the board meetings, and usually the only member of the public.

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  1. Wounded but still limping along! Thanks for your post and your insights. I'm glad to hear you're following us, and hope our blog remains useful to you. All the best!

    Ahniwa @ WSL



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