Monday, May 31, 2010

Carnival of Genealogy Working Women

This is a picture of my mom when she graduated from John Rogers High School in 1933. Soon she was working at Mr. Temples store as behind the counter making milk shakes, ice cream cones, etc. Later she worked at Casey's department store, but she really liked doing bookkeeping and went to work as a bookkeeper at Madren Brothers in Hillyard. I think there is where she met met dad, they would never tell us, just smile and change the subject. Mom worked at Madren's during the war, and for a while after wards. With the start of a family after the war she wanted to stay home with the kids so she started doing bookkeeping in the back bedroom of the home, and as a service to those she did bookkeeping for she also did income taxes for them. Later they added a room off the front bedroom and made an office there. There she did her bookkeeping and income taxes. My sister and I grew up around tax season, every year hundreds of people came to have their taxes done, and my sister and I made money typing income taxes. She is long gone now but I kept the business going, but with computers now I do very little typing anymore.


  1. I am impressed that your mother didn't want to give up being at home with her children and, at the same time, wanted to work. It's good she had a separate room so she could just close the door and keep the children out. Great post! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Nancy I never thought much about it then but I realize she wanted to be with us instead of us in a daycare someplace.

  3. Charles, I enjoyed reading about your mom. Her graduation picture is lovely--what a pretty girl. Thank you for sharing.



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