Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ocean Shores, Washington

I left Spokane May 20 and it was sunny but windy when I left, head wind all the way to George and then the wind died. I was really glad as just after George you cross the Columbia River at Vantage and driving a high square box across that river there is an adventure if the wind is blowing hard, but no wind at all there then. I had the weather forecast for Ocean Shores and it was supposed to be showers Thursday through Monday. At Ellensburg I stopped for gas and it looked like rain soon, so I filled up and had some lunch then headed out. I knew there was construction on Snoqualamie Pass and as I left Ellensburg it started to rain, but by the time I got to the construction it was snowing hard, glad it was not sticking, but felt sorry for the workers bundled up working in the snow. It rained off an on all the way to Ocean Shores, with sun peeking through in between the showers. When I pulled in to the lot I stopped and got out the lawn mower as the lawn was about a foot high, and mowed the spot to park the mini, and then mowed most of the rest of the lawn. Got hooked up to all the utilities, and went inside to rest. About an hour later it started to rain, so glad I had mowed the lawn.

These three pictures are looking down on the south side of the jetty as the waves crash against the rocks.

This one is looking on the north side of the jetty as the waves crash against the rocks.

Looking to the ocean

Logs washed in during high tide (it was pretty low when I was there this time), later I came back near high tide.

This one is looking north from the jetty, and you see the rocks hauled in to stop the erosion of the sand from in front of the houses. It is getting pretty close to a couple of them.

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