Monday, May 31, 2010

Ocean Shores, Washington

This first picture is one of the condos across the street from the jetty, there is a whole group of them named for the streets in the Monopoly game.

The rain stopped on Friday so we went exploring, and the road sign said beach access, so we drove right out on the beach. This picture is looking back to the hill near the beach, it is being washed into the ocean. It is actually near Pacific Beach, Washington.

My mom and dad liked razor clams, and this is what the shells look like after they are cleaned, I never really liked clams, so I would help them clam dig, but then they would eat the clams.

This is another view of the hill from the beach access near Pacific Beach.

This is back to Ocean Shores and close to the jetty, it is now high tide and the water has came up about 8 feet since low tide, the next day the tide was another foot higher. You can see why the rocks are there now.

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