Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Carnival of Genealogy Scrapbooking

I am really not into scrapbooking, but my mom did this scrapbook on our trip to the Seattle Worlds Fair in 1962. We had neighbors in Spokane for years that moved to north of Seattle a few years before the Worlds Fair and we went and stayed with them and drove to the fair each day we were there.

The top is a postcard showing how the fair was to look like when it opened. At the bottom the purple ticket is from the 76 Skyride, admit one 50 cents. The other 76 ticket says I rode the 76 Skyride at the Seattle Worlds Fair

This is a map of the Seattle Worlds Fairgrounds done by Standard Oil Company of California. The outdoor stadium (#30 on the map) had water around near the outside going all around and they had water skiing shows when we were there. Near the bottom of the Space Needle was a stand selling Belgian waffles, and so nearly everyone in line for the Space Needle was eating a Belgian waffle while we waited.

The last scan is the end of the previous map, it was too big for my scanner, but it shows all the places we visited. The pink circles were ones we wanted to see and the checks are the ones we saw.


  1. My hometown. I have lots of pictures from the World's Fair but was too young to remember going.

  2. I never see the Space Needle, but I think of my Aunt Gail and the most usual lunch we share at the restaurant. Thanks for reminding me of those days.



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