Thursday, July 8, 2010

What I Do Meme

Thomas MacEntee at GeneaBloggers has a new Meme

What I Do Meme

* Hardware:4 desktops, two XP Pro, one XP Home, one Win 3.1 :), One laptop Win 7

* External storage: Have not used up internal yet.

* Online Storage:

* Backup: Backup to other computers

* Firewall: AVG

* Virus protection: AVG

* Spyware:AVG and Yahoo

* File cleaner:

* Printer:Brother 440N all in one, two HP2300 lasers, one HP Laser Jet III, and a new Kodak all in one. (Does beautiful photos)

* Phone: Land Line

* Mobile media:cell phone for emergencies

* Music player:Stereo Record Player, and CD player

* Car audio:AM-FM Radio

* eBook Reader:

* Browser:Firefox 3.6 and IE8

* Blog:Blogger

* RSS:Google Reader

* FTP:

* Text editor:Open Office

* Graphics:

* Screen capture:

* Social media:facebook

* Social bookmarking:

* Social profile:

* URL shortener:

* Office suite:Open Office

* E-mail:Yahoo

* Calendar:on desk in front of me next to the monitor.

* Accounting:Money Counts v7.0

* PDF generator:Open Office

* Genealogy database:Ancestral Quest Use version 2 the most but it refuses to run on the laptop so I have version 12 there.

* Genealogy tools:shelves full of reference books and volunteering at the library and courthouse

* Other tech stuff:

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