Monday, January 24, 2011

COG #102 iGene Awards

The topic for the 102nd edition of the Carnival of Genealogy is: The Annual iGene Awards! This will be my first time for these awards, last year was my first full year as a blogger so now I have some articles to pick.

Best Picture The most popular picture I posted in 2010 is the Yellowstone Falls, but the Mount St. Helens Photos was the award winner.

Best Screen Play Small Town Boy goes to War. This was a tribute to my Uncle Leigh who went to war with the Army Air Corps and got air sick every time he left the ground, so he becomes an aircraft mechanic and is sent to Panama to work on the planes sent to guard the Panama Canal.

Best Documentary This group of 43 posts was not on my blog, but on the Eastern Washington Genealogical Society Blog where I am on a team of bloggers. These posts were for the 75th anniversary of EWGS. All the EWGS Presidents.

Best Biography, I did not do many biographies, so this one on my Aunt Frances Hansen wins this award

Best Comedy. This is the best comedy post on DNA

Write up a blog post with links to your best articles in these categories and submit it to the COG! Thanks Jasia for the Carnival of Genealogy


  1. Wonderful choices, Charles. Being a bit of a photography buff myself, I'm really fond of your Mount St. Helen's pics!

  2. Thanks Jasia I appreciate all you do for the COG.

  3. Nice posts. I especially like the photo of your aunt and your uncle (different photos of course).



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