Monday, August 15, 2011

52 Weeks to Personal Genealogy Nicknames

Week #33 – Nicknames

Week 33: Nicknames. What was your childhood nickname, and what was the meaning behind it? You can also discuss the nicknames of other family members, both past and present.

I am not really sure why I was called by my middle name Michael or Mike, but growing up I was Mike or Mikee. There was a commercial on TV where they fed some cereal to a young child and they all said Mikee likes it. Also when I was growing up the Mickey Mouse Club was on TV and at the beginning they sang M I C K E Y M O U S E so sometimes I was also called Mickee. The other nickname I had was "Sam", and I never knew why my grandfather called me SAM, but in his family most people used their middle name, so maybe that is where I got my Mike nickname.

Notice my Blog is Mikkel's Hus which is Danish for Michael's House. My other grandfather was Anton Mikkel Hansen or A.M. for his nickname. His father was Hans Mikkelsen son of Mikkel Madsen, so my Michael is from a long line of Michael's.

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