Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday Night Fun Filing Documents

Hello there, genea-collectors - it's SATURDAY NIGHT, time for more GENEALOGY FUN.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to:

1) Think about this: Is all of your genealogical material, which you've gathered over the years, well organized? Do you have papers, certificates, photographs and other ephemera squirreled away somewhere in your genealogy cave center? Do you have forgotten digital files, including documents, photographs and notes hiding in your computer file folders? It's Saturday night, do you know where ALL of your family history information is?

2) Give yourself a grade (from A to F) on how well you've done with your filing of tangible and digital genealogical assets (two grades, one for each). Brag about your organizational prowess if you deserve it - you can be a good example to the rest of us. Bemoan your situation if your files are like mine.

3) Look through your tangible or digital genea-assets and find something you've "lost," forgotten or overlooked that might add to your knowledge about one or more families. Tell us what you found, how will it help you, and will you commit to analyze it, source it, and use it?

Well I would give myself an F for my filing of documents I have collected over the years, most all are still in a pile on my sofa, but others are scattered on my desk or table also. I think I have entered all in my genealogical program here on my computer, so that is good anyway.
Photos I have bunches of slides I need to scan and save digitally.

Since I have a lot of early New England ancestors I always check Randy's Surname Saturday, and I was pretty sure I had a Hubbard which I forgot about, but once again it does not look like we are connected. My Hubbard is Anna Hubbard b. about 1614 and she married William Barstow May 8, 1638 in Dedham, Massachusetts, he was born about 1612 in England

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