Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Patty Starkey Retirement Party

Tonight I went to a retirement party at our local PBS station KSPS channel 7 for Patty Starkey. I first met Patty years ago when our local genealogical society, Eastern Washington Genealogical Society was asked for volunteers for the PBS pledge breaks. I had a Friends of 7 T-shirt, so I wore it to the station. When I entered Patty was greeting the volunteers and when she saw my shirt she came over and explained that she had designed this shirt and while it looks good because of the three colors it cost a lot to make so they only made them one year.

Patty has been at KSPS for 35 years, and tonight I also learned she had also been to annual PBS conferences and had befriended people from all over the country. She would pass out white ribbons with the initials OTD on them to all the attendees. Right next to our table was a big poster that said OTD and had been signed by the people at the national PBS convention. We are all going to miss Patty.

OTD= Older Than Dirt

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