Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Genealogy Blogs Survey

I copied this first part from Randy Seaver's Blog GeneaMusings
I received The Weekly Genealogist newsletter from the New England Historic Genealogical Society this morning, and was interested in the results of their survey:

Last week’s survey asked how many genealogical blogs you follow. The results are:

60%, I follow no blogs.
24%, I follow 1–2 blogs.
10%, I follow 3–5 blogs.
2%, I follow 6–10 blogs.
3%, I follow over ten blogs.

The survey respondents (who are those who receive the email newsletter) are, I think, fairly well "tuned-in" to the genealogy world, and yet 60% of them do not read any blogs! And only 3% of them follow over ten blogs. The good news is that 36% follow at least one genealogy blog, and 12% follow more than two blogs.

I think Randy pretty well summed it up above, not every blog post is interesting. but so many are every day that people not reading any are missing out on a lot of information that may help them in researching their ancestors.
My Google Reader says I have subscribed to 297 blogs, and I guess slightly over half are genealogy blogs, but of the top 40 I read every day 25 are not genealogy blogs. I like blogs that have information I can use in researching my family, but I also subscribe to several with general information, and a few just for the great pictures they post as they travel around North America.

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