Monday, November 21, 2011

My Mayflower Lines

When I first started researching I found my Dillinghams came to New England in 1632, and they were Quakers and did not get along with the Puritans so I did not think I would find a Mayflower ancestor, but down a few generations they married into several Mayflower families.

My Mayflower Lines

1.John Alden
2.Elizabeth Alden - Willaim Pabodie
3.Mary Pabodie – Edward Southworth
4.Mercy Southworth – Moses Soule
5.Barnanas Soule – Jane Bradbury
6.Elizabeth Soule – Enos Chandler
7.Betty/Elizabeth Chandler – Melatiah Dillingham
8.Enos Chandler Dillingham – Clarissa Virgin
9.Stanislaus Potoski Dillingham – Eliza Minerva Hellenbolt
10.Anna M. Dillingham – Anton Mikkel Hansen
11.Claude Dillingham Hansen – Margaret I. Kelly

1.Francis Cooke – Hester Mayhieu
2.Jacob Cooke – Damaris Hopkins
3.Elizabeth Cooke – John Doty
4.Samuel Doten – Mercy Cobb
5.Marcy Doty – Edward Dillingham
6.Melatiah Dillingham – Elizabeth Chandler
7.See Number 8 above

1.Edward Doty – Faith Clark
2.John Doty – Elizabeth Cooke
3.See Number 4 above

1.Stephen Hopkins – Elizabeth Fisher
2.Damaris Hopkins – Jacob Cooke
3.Elizabeth Cooke – John Doty
4.See Numbers 2 and 3 above

1.George Soule – Mary Becket
2.John Soule – Rebecca Simmons
3.Moses Soule – Mercy Southworth
4.See Number 5 above


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, cousin! Thanks for publishing your Mayflower lineages, and I have included your link in the compendium at



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