Monday, June 18, 2012

Saturday Night Fun How Popular is your Name?

1)  Go to the Popular Baby Name page on the Find the Best website at

2)  Enter your given name into the search box, click the appropriate gender button, and click on the "All" Decade button.  Note the results for your given name.

3)  Tell us about how the popularity of your name has changed over the decades.  Were you named during the buildup, the height, or the drawdown of the popularity of your given name?

 Well Charles was a fairly popular name. I was named after my grandfather who was born in 1890 so rank #5 then, while I was named in 1948 so rank #7. Looks like most numbers for decade I was born in.
1880s: Rank 5 percent with name3.9635% Number 46,660
1890s:Rank 5 percent with name2.9923% Number 36848
1900s:Rank 5 percent with name2.4658% Number 36188
1910s:Rank 7 percent with name2.4976% Number 173K
1920s:Rank 5 percent with name2.6209% Number 297K
1930s:Rank 6 percent with name2.7935% Number 302K
1940s:Rank 7 percent with name2.3868% Number 361K
1950s:Rank 10 percent with name1.7595% Number 360K
1960s:Rank 17 percent with name1.2719% Number 249K
1970s:Rank 23 percent with name0.9535% Number 162K
1980s:Rank 33 percent with name0.6859% Number 131K
1990s:Rank 43 percent with name0.4499% Number 92,384
2000s:Rank 58 percent with name0.3553% Number 67,790

Then I tried Michael my middle name, that to was my other grandfathers name, but he was born in 1870 in Denmark so probably not on this list. I was surprised Michael was #1 for 4 decades and is still #2.
1880s:Rank 50 percent with name0.3025% Number 3,561
1890s:Rank 54 percent with name0.3194% Number 3,933
1900s:Rank 45 percent with name0.3563% Number 5,229
1910s:Rank 44 percent with name0.4445% Number 30,885
1920s:Rank 52 percent with name0.3332% Number 37,886
1930s:Rank 35 percent with name0.5163% Number 55,984
1940s:Rank 9 percent with name2.221% Number 336K
1950s:Rank 2 percent with name4.0813% Number 836K
1960s:Rank 1 percent with name4.2484% Number 833K
1970s:Rank 1 percent with name4.1371% Number 707K
1980s:Rank 1 percent with name3.4512% Number 663K
1990s:Rank 1 percent with name2.2506% Number 462K
2000s:Rank 2 percent with name1.2092% Number 230K

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