Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday Night Fun Name Acrostic

Your mission this week, should you decide to accept it, is to:
  1. Visit Beverly's Reeves, Reaves and More Rives blog post titled John A. and Nancy Reves Remembered. Note the acrostic poem made from the letters of their names. Isn't that cool? 
  2. Select one of your ancestors, and make a Name Acrostic for them. If you can write poems like these, please do it. If you're non-creative like me, then just list the letters of their name and write one word for each letter in the name that describes your selected person. 
  3. Show us your Name Acrostic on your own blog post, on a comment to this post, in a Facebook Status or a Google+ Stream post.
OK here is the name of my great grandfather and the letters are names of his kids or grand-kids:
  •  Hans
  •  Anne
  •  Nyla
  •  Soren
  •  Margaret
  •  Irene
  •  Karen
  •  Kenneth
  •  Edward
  •  LeRoy
  •  Sheryl
  •  Elvira
  •  Nicholas

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