Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Genealogy Roadshow Survey Episode 2

Genealogy Roadshow PBS Survey for week 2 from Detroit, Michigan.

  1. Which city was this episode based?  Detroit, San Francisco, Boston, Milwaukee, Austin, Nashville
  2. Rate this episode.
  3. How likely are you to watch future episodes?
  4. What did you like about this episode?
  5. What did you dis-like about this episode?
  6. Pace of program?  Too fast, too slow, just right
  7. Were main stories too long, too short, just right
  8. Were the number of stories? just enough, too many, too few
  9. How did you like the environment this episode was filmed?  City of Detroit or outdoor setting
  10. Did you feel like the stories were particular to the region?
  11. Did you like that the stories focused on everyday people?
  12. Did you like the historical segments focused on cities and places which the episode was filmed?
  13. Were you able to follow the information "Spoken" by the experts?
  14. Did you like the secondary stories interspersed in the episode?
  15. Did you like the stories more when the genealogist presented participants with a surprise guest/relative?
  16. Were the family tree graphics easy to read?
  17. As a result of watching last weeks show, have you worked on your family history in the past week?
  18. Do you plan to fo to a genealogical website as a result of watching the show?
  19. Did the show inspire you to do genealogical research?
  20. Would you apply to have your family history researched by the show?
  21. Have you done genealogical research on your own?
  22. Did you learn something new about history while watching?
  23. Rate  Josh, Kenyatta and Emmett
  24. Rate each of the segments of this episode
  25. How important is the audience?
  26. How important is the technological devices?
  27. Rate the music 
  28. Rate the amount of information provided
  29. Rate the idea for the program
  30. Rate the interaction between the research team and subjects
  31. Rate the title of Genealogy Roadshow
  32. Rate the narration delivered during the program and the voice delivering that content
  33. How do the following impact your future decision to watch the show?
           Like PBS
           Interest in genealogy
           Love of History      
           Related to someone mentioned on the show
           Filmed in your hometown or state

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