Monday, October 14, 2013

Genealogy Roadshow Survey Episode 4

Well the survey of episode 4 was almost the same as previous episodes, but this one added a new question after question #3.
How Likely are you to watch future rebroadcasts of Genealogy Roadshow?  So it sounds like they might show this series again.

Ok so did I like the show?  Yes, could they have showed more of the research?  Yes, but that would probably have lost most non genealogists, this show was entertainment, not a show on how to find your Mayflower ancestors.
I learned something on each show I did not know before, and so I hope others did also.

They are asking for more people to send them queries to research, so does that mean a second season is coming? Lets hope so. I do hope my participation in these surveys helps them decide.

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