Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturday Night Fun Travel Maps

1) What states in the USA and what provinces in Canada have you visited or lived in?  

2)  Either list, or make a map of them (at the website) and indicate the following:

*  red for states/provinces where you've not spent much time or seen very much.
*  amber for states/provinces  where you've at least slept and seen some sights.
*  blue for states/provinces  you've spent a lot of time in or seen a fair amount of.

*  green for states/provinces  you've spent a great deal of time in on multiple visits.

3)  For extra credit, you could make a map to show where your ancestors resided at any time (e.g., in 1900), or perhaps where your 16 great-great-grandparents or 32 3rd-great-grandparents married, or where your ancestors were born, all with an appropriate legend

 Well my mom and her parents were born in Missouri
My dad and his mom were born in Minnesota (his dad was born in Denmark)
Pops grandparents grandpa in Maine, grandma in Wisconsin and two in Denmark
Moms grandparents grandpas both in Illinois, grandma in Missouri, and second one I think Missouri also but may have been Tennessee

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