Sunday, November 10, 2013

Veterans Day 2013

Well the previous four Veterans Day I have posted tributes to my dad and my uncle Leigh for their contribution to WWII. My dad was in a service squadron that serviced the B17 and B24 bombers. He was in England for a while but spent most of the war in Africa and towards the end in Italy.
My uncle Leigh was trained as a tail gunner for B17s, but got air sick as soon as the airplane left the ground, so they retrained him as an aircraft mechanic and sent him to Panama where they had B17s and B24s patrolling the canal.
I also had an ancestor Joseph Vanderpool that enlisted in the Army during the Civil War, but got measles and was discharged so never saw any service.
Robert Forsyth was a Kentucky rifleman in the War of 1812, his unit won the battle for Fort Meigs, was ordered to retreat, but followed the British into the woods and was ambushed by the Indian allies of the British. 150 of the 800 Kentucky riflemen survived and Robert Forsyth was one of the survivors. He was the last of my ancestors that actually fought in a war.
Thanks to all for your service.

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