Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How I spend my Summer Vacation

When I was about six years old my parents bought some lake front property on Twin Lakes in North Idaho. It had been a hayfield for a dairy farm and along the lake was a row of cottonwood trees. It is nearly flat and had a water line along the road, but no electricity or sewer. We built a small cabin and mowed the grass, planted trees and went swimming, fishing, water skiing and just floating on the lake in an inner tube. Later on the REA came by and added electricity, so no more ice box. The picture below is how the property looked north of the cabin in 1970. The brown grass at the back was still cut each fall for hay. The farmer showed up with three horses and a mower and a rake and would cut the hay and rake it into rows to dry, later a baler came and bailed the hay.

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Since then we have added on to the cabin and added a garage. Still like to lounge on my inner tube in the warm lake. (The water was 76 last week, and usually makes 80 by the end of July.) The picture below is the Fourth of July boat parade on the lake, and looking south from our cabin.

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