Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Maternal Line

While I did not know much of my paternal line my maternal grandmother lived till I was 36 and she tried to get me to remember all her brothers and sisters (she was the second oldest of 17 children, two mothers and one father). I asked her once before I got interested in genealogy if all the relatives on her side were Irish? She said yes. I knew my grandfather was Irish as his surname was Kelly, grandmas was Travis and also Irish, but soon I found Forsyth, Williams and Hert on my grandfathers ancestors. Forsyth is Scottish, Williams is Welsh, and I don't know what Hert is. Grandmas mother was a Vanderpool, and her step mother was a Keith (Irish) and then that line contains Low(e), Campbell, Swope (Schwab), and Brannam. Vanderpool is Dutch, Swope (Schwab) is German, so on that side I have a bunch of nationalities to research, but I am a long way from crossing the pond except on the Forsyth line (found the Clan Forsyth and they confirmed my line back to Northern Ireland, it did come from Scotland but very early and few records to prove when). My grandfathers line was pretty easy as soon as I found the "Kelly" Bible my grandfather had. It took the Williams line back to before the Revolution in Virginia-North Carolina.

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