Monday, July 13, 2009

My first post

I have always had a problem writing, wish I had applied myself more in English classes in school. Computers have helped a lot as spelling has always been a problem with me, so I really love spell checkers. I started with computers in the mid 1980s, and did not get interested in genealogy till 1991 after a Hansen reunion at my sisters house. I spent a lot of time at the local Family History Center, our local library and joined the Eastern Washington Genealogical Society. Late in 1991 one of the members was passing out Prodigy disks and since I had just bought a new 2400 baud modem I joined Prodigy and found the genealogy forum. I spent a lot of time reading the posts and copied the weekly newsletter, soon I was indexing those newsletters so I could find them and posting copies of those that people had missed. Later I was asked to be a special contributor and a year later a member representative. As a mem rep I helped people where I could and hosted a chat session every other Tuesday. I stayed with Prodigy till it closed and have a lot of great memories of Prodigy and the people I met there. Occasionally I would do a look up for someone when they posted a query about Spokane, kind of like Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness which came much later. With this knowledge I applied in 1998 to be the researcher for Eastern Washington Genealogical Society since the previous researcher was retiring due to poor health, and I am still doing that job, but it has really changed over they years.

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