Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I smile for the Camera, School Days

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This picture was taken on the front lawn of Whitman School here in Spokane, Washington. The classroom we were in faced the front lawn in the middle of the third floor.

I also wrote in my sixth grade scrawl all the names.

Front Row
Bonnie Mann
Holly Dinsmore
Veronica Kind
Joyce Wickwire
Penny Wilkerson
Annette Elison
Diana Shoots
Mary Jo Grippen
Diana Algard

Second Row
Jim Logan
Patty Dounour
Susan Voag
Linda Northington
Bernidette Jimminez
Patty Gier
Linda Titus
Carolyn Scisor
Billy Barr
Fred "Buzzy" Adams

Third Row
Billy Helms
Denny Dummaca
Don Harris
John Stwert
Dean Chatwiid
Marvin Sturey
Billy Kelly
Lary Ruby
Mr. Anderson

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