Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wordless Wednesday Whitman School Demolition


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These two pictures go with my Carnival of Genealogy submission. The picture of the sixth grade students was taken in front of the Whitman School, and in 1981 they built a new Whitman school, and here is a couple of pictures from the demolition. The top picture is looking from the South east, and they have totally demolished the six class rooms on the south end of the main building. These had been added on after the original building was finished. Notice the pole on the left front of the picture, this had an air raid siren on top, and it was just outside of the third floor windows of the addition, and VERRRY loud in that class room when it went off every Wednesday.

The bottom picture is looking from the north east and shows the remains of the library and utility room. They were probably added when they added the six classrooms on the other end of the main building, the bricks looked the same, and really did not match the bricks of the old building.

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